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Inspired by all that is carefree and innocent, Little Bear Collective is an Australian-grown babies’ and kids’ clothing brand, designed to be worn with love across the world. Specialising in toddler and babywear, Little Bear Collective is known for its subtle colour palette, hand drawn illustrations, playful graphics, natural and organic fabrics and timeless designs. Little Bear Collective has been created to provide new mums, environmentally sensitive and style-conscious shoppers with timeless pieces for their children, friends and families.
Each piece is designed and meticulously crafted to tell a story that is original, whimsical and beautiful, from our studio here in Brisbane. Most importantly, every piece from Little Bear Collective comes from the heart, led by an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. This approach permeates our brand, from our detailed designs to the special care and thought that goes into each step of our online shopping experience, and - from the quality of our products and materials to our bespoke, no-fuss packaging, all of which are adorned with iconic and adorable designs.
Make sure to follow us @littlebear_collective for beautiful customer photos and our newest collections.
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Jade is a civil engineer and new mum, designing with a passion for sustainability and fashion, but above all else for her son, Henry, and other families like hers. Jade pushes Little Bear Collective to deliver two seasonal collections, including gorgeous organic linen rompers, dresses, tops and bottoms, and organic jersey cotton tops with my print designs. These organic babies’ and kids’ designs are made locally near thebeaches of Burleigh, fulfilling Jade’s goal of keeping the label sustainable and locally-made.
Jade is passionate about helping mums and helping the community, taking pride in Little Bear Collective ‘giving back’. Little Bear Collective is constantly looking to collaborate with local not-for-profit organisations, charities and hospitals, to help bring colour to children’s lives wherever possible.